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Climate protection and your own website

The climate crisis is ubiquitous. We are discussing cars and garbage, consumption and CO2 emissions. What people don’t talk about so much is the fact that the internet as we know it today actually contributes it’s share to our CO2 footprint: At a guess, “the internet” is responsible for about 10% of the world’s energy…

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When WordPress Websites retire

We develop websites for companies. Normally, this means that the website’s content is updated and WordPress is being maintained on a regular basis. But what if the website has only been created for an event? This way the website has a kind of “expiration date”. The event is over, everything is quieting down. What now?…

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How to secure WordPress

Is WordPress really secure? That’s probably the one question I am asked most often. My answer hasn’t changed much over the years: Yes, in my opinion, WordPress is secure. It certainly isn’t secure all by itself. Just like any computer or any other content management system or other piece of software out there. There are…

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Read: Deep and Deliberate Delegation

Delegation is something people talk about a lot; unfortunately, most people are not really good at actually delegating. With his book, Dave Stitt gives us a profound manual on how to make delegation work. He wants to teach us “deliberate” delegation, which means purposeful and well-thought-out, beneficial for both sides. What Delegation is About Dave…

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Making your WordPress website multilingual

What is the best way to offer your website in different languages? Does WordPress support this? And how would I actually go about it? Reasons for a multilingual website Many of our clients want to offer their content not only in their native language but in other languages as well. The companies often have clients…

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