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DSA Building Performance Ltd.

Dave Stitt, founder of DSA Building Performance Ltd., had found himself in a sort of dilemma: The existing company website did no longer represent his offers and activities and he had no real idea how to go on from there. But Dave wanted the website to be part of his marketing concept as well as a platform for his online activities. The release of his latest book “Deep and Deliberate Delegation” finally was the reason to address the topic.

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Online Store for all things Origami: Viereck-Verlag

The Viereck-Verlag publishing house located in Freising (near Munich) publishes books on Origami and exhibition catalogues. The shop started as a mere side project, in order to be able to offer access to the beautiful papers and books available world-wide.
Today, the shop offers an extensive and well-chosen selection of Origami paper and most beautiful books on Origami.

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Gruse Mechanical Engineering

This was a rather special project: The website had been launched, concept and design long done. But the technical base did not work as expected. It needed a technical overhaul, while the look and feel had to stay the same.

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Wirtschaftsweiber – A German association of Lesbian Business Women

“Wirtschaftsweiber” is the only professional networking organization for lesbians in Germany. Rebuilding the website represented the conclusion of a thorough realignment process. Goal of the website is to grow the network by attracting more women, especially young professionals.

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Heintges Architects, NY

The architecture company Heintges had picked Elmastudio’s UBUD theme for the relaunch of their website. The most important task of the website is to showcase Heintges’ impressive construction projects. In order to allow for UBUD to support that kind of showcase, we extended the theme’s functionality.

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Franciscan Province of Germany

The Franciscan Province of Germany wanted a more modern look and feel for its website. We developed a content strategy and built the WordPress base accordingly. Current topics now take centre stage, the website has become a modern and lively communication hub for the fraternity.

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Accesstech AG

Accesstech offers assistive technology as well as software for the blind and visually impaired.
Consulting, technical implementation (accessibility, multilingual)

Sehzentrum Suhr

Website for an optometrist in Suhr, Switzerland.
Consulting, concept, technical implementation, support & maintenance

Neuland Werkwand

Neuland Werkwand® – innovative presentation wall, elegant room divider and high-class designer furniture
Consulting, concept, design, technical implementation

Toni Gschwend

Website for a psychologist in Switzerland.
Technical implementation

Chiromed Luzern

Website for an orthopaedist and chiropractor.
Technical implementation

Elma van Vliet

Website for an author creating books that help people to create, share and save moments and memories.
Consulting, training, technical implementation

Neuland GmbH: Blog

Every professional coach knows them: The training and workshop materials by Neuland. A new blog provides news, stories and events all over the training industry.

Neuland Blog
Design, technical implementation, maintenance

Christoph Wey, Landscape Architect

Website for a landscape architect in Luzern, Switzerland
Technical implementation

Neuland Raumkonzepte

The Neuland GmbH develops concepts and furnishes meeting and conference facilities. The website to showcase these amazing projects did not meet modern web standards any longer and needed a new technical base.
Relaunch, technical implementation, maintenance

Simon Eugster, CGI and 3D Visualization

Simon Eugster is an expert in CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and 3D visualization.
Technical implementation

Sport Scheck: Microsite “Yoga”

Microsite for Sport Scheck featuring yoga. The Elmastudio theme Dorayaki was used as a basis for a custom design.
Consulting, technical implementation

Japanese Handicraft

Every day things made in Japan were exhibited during „Munich Creative Business Week“.
Conception, design, technical implementation


Website for a psychologist based in Zurich, Switzerland.
Design, conception, training, technical implementation

C’an Fueta

Elmastudio-Childtheme featuring a lovely finca in Mallorca.
Conception, design, technical implementation

Dockland Design Agency

Dockland Design is a design agency based in Lucerne, Switzerland.
Consulting, technical implementation

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