Kirsten Schelper und Elisabeth Hölzl

are the brains behind start the loop. We live and work in beautiful Munich, Germany.
We have been building websites in over ten years and know what’s important.

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How to get in touch

For meetings we usually use the online service

It’s always a pleasure to meet clients in person, but in most cases that’s not feasible. If we happen to be nearby we gladly get in touch, though.

What we stand for

We build websites that are well planned and easy to work with. We set a high value on accessibility and usability.

Furthermore, we design our projects in a sustainable way. That means that our websites are flexible and easily adjustable. They grow with the needs of your business.
We make sure that our websites are as light-weight as possible. This way they are fast and save energy.

We see ourselves as a felicitous mix between creatives and WordPress developers. We know both sides and are able to create beautiful designs with WordPress functionality in mind.

We are well organized and cherish our clients. Happily, with most of our clients, we have been able to maintain cordial and cooperative business relations over many years.

Kirsten Schelper

I hold a degree in communication design, and I specialized rather early in the web. I have been building websites for over 15 years now.

I mostly build custom WordPress themes and am a big fan of the new WordPress editor. I write about CSS, WordPress, and block themes in our blog Die Netzialisten (German only). I am cofounder of WordPress Meetup München.

When I’m running out of ideas, I play the cello. Not very good, I’m afraid.

Elisabeth Hölzl

I have a background of engineering science. That’s where I learned about core principles of coding and finding my way with ssh and the likes.

Apart from WordPress technology I have been busying myself with marketing questions. I am co-founder of WordPress Meetup München (in German).

One of my best ways to relax and get my head clear is to take my collie girl Lotta out for a long walk.

We borrowed the expression „start the loop“ from WordPress. It is one of the central pieces of code that fills your WordPress site with life. A loop is a piece of code that is being executed until everything is done. WordPress uses this loop to list the posts on your blog page.