Become visible

With your website, you show the world who you are and what you do. Your website ensures that your customers find you and your offer. Daily processes can be managed better, e.g. inquiries, appointments or downloads. You stand out from your competitors and target new customers.

Features of your new website, made by us

Fast and efficient

Via our guided process, your website will be online in a short time.

Easy to use

You can easily change and add texts and images, create new pages and much more.

Mobile Devices

Your website is also easy to read and use on smartphones and tablets.

Professional Design

Crafted by the communication designer with code from the coding expert.

Data protection compliant

We create a legally compliant privacy policy via our partner eRecht24.

Secure and durable

Your website is well protected and has a long life expectancy.

Ongoing Support

After your website is online, you still can count on us to support you.


Content and code are technically carefully prepared for search engines.

Visitor statistics

See how often your website is visited and which pages are popular.

And even more useful things.

Get to your new website safely with our guided process

We guide you step by step through the creation process of your website. From the initial idea to the finished result. Quickly and efficiently, within a predefined time frame.

We start with the content. Your website stands or falls with the quality of the texts and images. In the next step, we develop the design that fits exactly to this content.

We have a lot of experience with WordPress projects. We are happy to share this experience with you.

Free first consultation

We get to know each other in a non-committal conversation. You tell us about your project. If you can imagine a cooperation, we will prepare an offer.

Meeting Nr. 1

It starts with the first Zoom meeting. Here we discuss the schedule and look at your text and image material together.
After the meeting, we revise your texts and create a briefing for your website. We set up a development environment for your website on our server. Here you can follow our work live at any time.

Meeting Nr. 2

In the second Zoom meeting, we present the brief and make suggestions for the design.
Following this meeting, we develop the graphic design for your website.

Meeting Nr. 3

In our third Zoom meeting, we present the design to you, answer your questions, and gather your feedback.
Following this meeting, we implement your feedback.

Meeting Nr. 4

In our fourth Zoom meeting, we present the revised design to you and collect your feedback.
Following this meeting, we implement your feedback.

Meeting Nr. 5

In a fifth Zoom meeting, we will introduce you to the operation of your website in a training session.

Moving and handover

We complete the work on your website and migrate the website to your server.

Are you looking for support with your website project?

Website self-employed and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)


plus 19% VAT (depending on your location)

The above price is a fixed price. The price includes the following services:

Guided process

Concept and structure

Text editing

Custom design

Custom WordPress theme

Coordination and adjustments

Up to 5 pages including blog section

Legally compliant data privacy policy


Moving the website to your server

Additional modules

With these modules, you can add additional functionality to your website.

  • Connection of external services, e.g., appointment booking service from 200€.
  • Set up multiple languages from 400€
  • Implementing Yoast SEO/Yoast Local SEO 200€
  • Connection to newsletter service from 400€
  • Implementing events manager extension from 400€
  • Transfer data from another website from 200€
  • Entering your content from 100€ 
  • Service and maintenance from 49€/month
  • The connection of an online store is also possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

All prices are exclusive of 19% VAT.
For some modules, additional license fees for technical extensions (plugins) apply.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Are there any additional costs?

You get a fully functional website, there are no hidden costs. The only technical requirement is a domain and hosting for your website. Suitable hosting packages are available from as little as 7€ per month. Usually, an SSL certificate is already included here.

In our estimate, we assume the usual case that there is already corporate design (logo, colors) as well as text and image material that we can resort to.

If this is not the case, we would have to schedule an additional work step for this.

I don’t need a new website, but I would like your help with modifications and add-ons.

Please get in touch and describe briefly what you have in mind.

Please note that we work exclusively with the original WordPress system. For setting up a page builder website (Divi, Elementor and others) we are not the right people to contact.

In our experience, “pure WordPress” is the most cost-effective and future-proof way to create a modern, easy-to-use website.

Why do you work with WordPress?

With WordPress, we can quickly create a prototype. We develop our projects directly in the browser in close collaboration with the customers.

Our customers are satisfied because it is easy to learn how to use a WordPress website. Another big plus is that WordPress is an open source project. The software is maintained by a large worldwide community.

We work with the original WordPress block editor, a state-of-the-art system that has been completely overhauled in recent years. WordPress block themes stand for lean code, fast loading times as well as sustainability and extensibility.

Many well-known websites are built using WordPress. The repository at contains more than 59.000 plugins (extensions for your WordPress website).

For setting up a PageBuilder website (Divi, Elementor and others) we are not the right people to contact.

Is WordPress secure?

Yes, WordPress is secure. However, it is important that you as a website owner follow a few simple rules:

  • Use strong passwords. The longer, the better.
  • The computer you work with should be “clean”. Regularly scan all the devices you use to work on your website for malicious code.
  • Update regularly. 

If you make regular backups in case something breaks and choose good hosting, you’ll be on the safe side. Read more on WordPress security.

What about SEO?

Search engine optimization is 80% good content and structure. WordPress provides a very search engine friendly code structure.

Which additional measures make sense depends very much on the individual case. We will be happy to examine together with you which options are appropriate in your specific case. Some thoughts on SEO from our blog.

I have a local business, what do I need to be aware of?

For local businesses, it is a good idea to use Google MyBusiness. There you can store information that is relevant for your customers: Contact details, your location, and opening hours, photos, the link to your website, references to special promotions. Google includes this information in the search results in a targeted manner.

At the same time, Google also offers searchers to call you directly or plan the route to your store.

For you as a business owner, Google offers a small overview of the visits to Google MyBusiness, calls to your business and route planning.

Do you also take care of maintenance and service?

We also provide maintenance and service for your WordPress website we created. If you are looking for a service and maintenance for your existing website, kindly get in touch.

Maintenance includes automated backups, stored on an external server, and timely updates for WordPress core, plugins, and themes. We additionally schedule a time allowance so that we can fix bugs that sometimes arise from updates.

Since every project is a little different, we will be happy to create an individual offer for you. Please contact us.

What can I do to make my website more popular?

It makes sense to develop a marketing strategy for your website.

Where could your potential customers meet you? For local companies, for example, it would be important to use Google MyBusiness. In addition, local events, participation in trade fairs, etc. are a good option here. In addition to the opportunity to make contact locally, such events also offer many opportunities to draw attention to the business online.

Depending on the type of product or service you offer, you can use social networks for your marketing, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. We will be happy to support you in finding out which strategy suits you and your company.


What does sustainability mean for your website?

For us, sustainability means that your website can do its job as long and well as possible. Simply because it has a high life expectancy through thoughtful planning and later on good maintenance.

How we achieve this

We rely on the WordPress block editor for building. It is an integral part of the WordPress software base and is continuously developed with it. The block editor allows us to build lean, fast websites.

In this way, we can do without the use of external page builder systems, which are included in so-called “premium themes”, for example. Such extensions introduce more load in terms of code into the website, in addition to increased maintenance effort.

Less code means shorter loading times and thus also less power consumption when accessing the website.

How to make a website sustainable

  • Make it durable. A website that is well designed and modular is expandable and can grow with you.
  • Reduce power consumption through lean code and small file sizes (fast loading times).
  • Choose Green Hosting – hosting servers and data centers are powered by electricity from renewable sources.

Climate protection and the Internet

The Internet causes as many CO₂ emissions as global air traffic*. The main reason for this is the large data centers, whose power consumption and cooling generate two to four percent of global CO₂ emissions each year.

*According to a study by Lancaster University, the IT, and telecommunications industry was already responsible for 2.8 percent of global fossil greenhouse gas emissions in 2019. Air traffic, on the other hand, only accounted for 1.7 percent.

More features we haven’t mentioned yet

We build websites that are highly customizable and flexible.

  • Powerful media management (images, galleries, pdf files, etc.)
  • Flexible user management
  • Blog area for your articles and news
  • Mediaplayer to embed your videos and audio files

We build websites that meet the most modern coding and security standards.

  • Accessible code (Some notes on accessibility)
  • Compliant with W3C standards
  • Regular automatic updates
  • Fast loading times
  • 70+ languages possible
  • WordPress block theme